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Here’s what past customers have to say:

“In a decade of experience with CCA Texas and even longer as a friend and associate of Larry Bozka, it is easy for me to praise his incredible abilities to communicate.
“This gift culminates in his unique style and humor in speaking engagements. Larry has spoken to numerous CCA Texas chapters throughout the state, and he continues to be a favorite.  His wit, great stories and almost campfire comfort in front of a crowd allow him to pass along his priceless stories and some of the best traditions in Texas conservation. 
“Larry is a true Texas treasure.”

Pat Murray
Coastal Conservation Association Texas Executive Director  

“I’ve obtained Larry Bozka twice to speak to a conservation organization. Each time, members talked about him for months. He made me look good as a program chairman.
 “If I’m ever asked to find a speaker to review a new computer manual, I’m going to get Bozka. He could make even that entertaining!”

John Jefferson
Austin Woods & Waters Club

Larry Bozka

“Our conservation group, the Saltwater Conservation Association of Texas, has enjoyed having Larry Bozka as a speaker on several occasions.  He is very informative, entertaining as well as upbeat. 
“Our meeting attendance always peaks when Larry is on the agenda.  I wouldn’t hesitate to book him any chance I have as a speaker.”

Monty Weeks
Vice President – SCA Texas

“It has been my pleasure to work with Larry Bozka throughout the years at various seminars and speaking engagements. It’s rare to find someone else who has such an intense passion for the outdoors and such a dedicated and focused vision for the future of our natural resources.
“Larry has a tremendous knowledge of outdoor-related pastimes, he knows how to put on a good show, and above all, I consider myself fortunate to have him as a close and valued friend.”

Capt. Wayne Vinton
Host – SportsRadio 610 Outdoor Show

“If I overlook some of Larry Bozka’s many talents, I apologize in advance. It’s just that I’ve known Larry for only 25 years, and this guy has the resume of a worker bee.
“Larry, in no particular order, has hosted radio shows, produced television features, edited magazines and written for an extinct newspaper or two. He has published books, sold thousands of photos, written speeches and scripts, presided over a professional organization with 400 members and caught more fish than you.
“Accident-prone in the extreme, Larry has not only done it all, he has had it all done to him. While posting considerable career achievements, Larry has survived sunburn, cranky cactus, surly stingrays, broken bones and bouts with mysterious maladies. When he appears before your group, Larry should be afforded all due respect. After all, he’s a walking tribute to Tylenol.
“Undaunted, Larry remains an informative, energetic and engaging speaker, the state’s leading campfire raconteur, the grand toaster of sunsets and, oh yes, he plays a mean guitar. No wonder friends call him the Wizard.
“He’s the Wizard of Boz.”

Mark McDonald – Editor/Publisher
Texas Sporting Journal

“Larry Bozka has spoken at both our monthly meeting and at our annual Coastal Fishing Seminar in Baytown. He is a very fluent speaker with a wide knowledge of all phases of fishing and hunting.
“Larry imparts his wealth of information in a pleasing manner and with a great deal of humor.  He is very well-liked and, is extremely popular with the Saltwater Anglers League of Texas – Trinity Bay.”

 Lorraine Leavell
Saltwater Anglers League of Texas – Trinity Bay

“Larry Bozka supported the Texas Lady Anglers by giving a seminar to us as part of our Inshore Slam tournament events in September 2005.  The topic was on different fishing techniques for Galveston Bay and the information was not only informative, but very well received by all in attendance.  More than 130 anglers were present to enjoy Larry’s presentation.
“I was pleased to receive all of the positive praise from those who attended the seminar stating that Larry gave one of the best seminars they had ever attended.”

Patricia Drake
Cofounder / President, Texas Lady Anglers


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