Mosquitoes or Yellowjackets, Scent Shop Skeeter Screen Passes the Test

A healthy dose of skepticism is always critical to any product appraisal. When John Stuart of the Garland, Texas-based Scent Shop approached me this past April at the Rockport Spring Fling media event, I told him up-front that before I could write anything about his products I had to see the results for myself.
Stuart respected that, only asking that I give his Skeeter Screen products an honest evaluation. Now, a little over four months later, I can assure you with all due confidence that the Scent Shop’s repellent products … Skeeter Screen Reed Diffusers and Skeeter Screen Personal Mosquito Deterrent spray … do everything they promise. Enterprising outdoorsmen will probably, like me, discover that they do substantially more.
Skeeter Screen Reed DiffusersI don’t care if you are sequestered in a freshly-brushed duck blind or kicking back in the back yard hot tub, mosquitoes are some of Mother Nature’s most obnoxious denizens. Living in Seabrook, Texas, less than a mile away from Upper Galveston Bay and some of the state’s premier mosquito breeding grounds, I possess a deep appreciation for anything that can repel the things.
Both of the products Stuart gave me at the meeting do exactly that. This coming Christmas, I expect to buy more than a few packages of both items to share as “stocking stuffers.”
Neckties are fine, I suppose, but even the finest Neiman Marcus accessory can’t help you when bloodthirsty insects invade your turf.
We were, for the better part of the summer, a virtually mosquito-free zone here in Seabrook. The city does a great job of fogging the neighborhoods. When I hear those trucks coming, it’s like detecting beautiful strains of classical music. Unfortunately, though, even intense fogging efforts fall short when mosquito breeding conditions fall into place with the proper amount of rainfall collected in just enough untended back yard planter pots and open containers.
About a week ago, worn out and sore from running my boat on some choppy waters the day before, I attempted to take a dip in my back yard Jacuzzi. I realized before I touched the water that the long-anticipated and highly-dreaded mosquito infestation had finally become reality. The nasty things chased me inside, and I was on the verge of opting for the bathtub when I remembered the container of Skeeter Screen Reed Diffusers sitting on a shelf in my study.
 It took about 20 seconds to set it up. If you have ever been to Pier One and bought room-freshening scent sticks in various fragrances, you have already seen Stuart’s products. Inside the box is a small glass vase filled with clear solution, a chrome ring that is placed atop the container in place of the cap and a rubber-banded sheaf of 10 wick sticks. Uncap the vase, slide on the ring, immerse the sticks and you’re in business.
 Actually, if you are going to be using one of the devices fresh out of the box I recommend giving it at least an hour for the sticks to thoroughly absorb the repellent. A less-patient fishing buddy of mine places the sticks in the solution for a few minutes and then re-inserts them the other way down.
 I placed the setup on the fringe of my hot tub and went back inside to do a little writing. Just an hour later I went back outside. The bugs were gone.
 I don’t mean diminished. I mean gone.
 It wasn’t insignificant that the night air was as still as a fence post that evening. Common sense tells me that a brisk breeze would reduce the efficiency … but then again, that’s why Stuart sells Skeeter Screen Personal Mosquito Deterrent. I have used that product as well, and am similarly impressed with the results.
 Yesterday evening, after a half-day of drift-fishing Upper Galveston Bay with my fish-farming friend Kenneth Henneke of Hallettsville and his family, I found myself on the driveway swatting mosquitoes as I gave the 225 Mercury its customary post-trip freshwater flushing. The mosquitoes were unusually thick, and every bit as hungry as ever.
 I went into the study once again, pulled out the bottle, applied a light spray, went back outside, and bingo … no more bites. What’s really surprising … and, of particular interest to people with sensitive skin … is the fact that Stuart’s repellents contain zero DEET. Long acknowledged as the hands-down defeater of attacking mosquitoes, DEET is nonetheless a pretty harsh chemical. People will tell you that it’s worth it, that any insect repellent that does not incorporate the stuff will not do the job.
 In this case, people are wrong.
 Stuart is quick to note that his products are not limited to mosquitoes alone. In fact, the purpose that I find almost as appealing as a skeeter-free hot tub is the prospect of only having to kill the yellowjackets in our Lavaca County deer stands once a season.Yellowjacket Nest
 We are not unique in this regard, I am sure, but Post Oak Savannah yellowjackets are notorious squatters. Build a deer stand, and soon, they will come. Kill them with wasp spray, and within a month, they will come back. We spend half as much time hunting for yellowjacket and wasp nests as we do hunting.
 Not this season. We’re whacking the ‘jackets one time and then affixing a vase of reed diffusers in a corner of every stand we hunt. Stuart has many testimonials to back it up (including one from an intrepid engineer who works in the jungles of Peru), but I am confident that when he says the insects won’t return, they won’t.
 We’ll be clearing the yellowjackets and wasps out of those stands within the next several weeks. Give me two months and I’ll be able to fully verify the product’s propensity to keep a confined area like a box blind clear of insects … and not just yellowjackets, wasps and pesky mud daubers, but all insects … including the growing horde of bees that in the past couple of years has taken a liking to stinging us (Africanized, I am convinced, but that is another story).
 Skeeter Screen is designed for both indoor and outdoor use. One set of reeds will protect up to 200 square feet … around 184 square feet more than the typical box blind. Stuart claims the product will maintain its efficacy for a full four months.
 At this point, based on experience and having exhausted ample skepticism, I am no longer in the mode to doubt John Stuart’s claims.
 (Note: For more information on the Scent Shop and its product lineup, or to buy direct, check the web at Call 1-800-527-4190 or email

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