Surfside Marina Now Open to Sport Fishermen

SURFSIDE, TX – If you have driven over the Surfside Bridge lately, you’re bound to have seen it. As you’re heading toward Surfside Beach, cresting the bridge, to your right is situated a brand-new (and really big) facility that has changed the face of sport fishing amenities on the Upper Texas Coast.
 My friend and video production partner Dave Aitken and I visited the marina during its grand opening a few weeks ago, courtesy of a gracious offer from Surfside Marina General Manager Dwayne Von Schmidt. The place is something else … and I mean that in a good way.Surfside Marina FishEye
 The Freeport/Surfside area has always hosted its share of fishing outlets. However, with the exception of a small but effective collection of individual charter boat operators, the majority of those have been comprised of partyboat operators or commercial fishing entities.
Surfside Marina, Von Schmidt says, “Is all about sport fishing.”
 Specifically that entails, among other amenities and features, a full-service, 260-boat dry stack storage facility that is custom-designed to store and protect power boats from 20 to 42 feet in length. The marina also accommodates 38 deluxe wet slips via a high-end floating Surfside Marina at Nightaluminum dock system situated atop steel pilings.Whether storing a boat at the facility or simply stocking it up while on the way out to the Freeport jetties and beyond (the jetties are only minutes away, a quick run down the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway), visiting skippers can take advantage of diesel and gasoline fuel stations, an onsite restaurant, retail sales center, well-stocked ship’s store and all the bait, ice and supplies any angler requires for a full day of fishing on the open expanse of the Gulf.
 Aitken and I got a chance to personally tour the facility during the grand opening. It’s all first-class.
The “dry stack” boat storage concept is making more and more sense to owners of boats both large and small as fuel and towing costs continue to soar … and that’s without even considering the sheer convenience aspects. It’s really nice to know your rig is ready to go when you get there, and via this setup, it will be. From fueling it up before you head out the rigs to washing it down (or even waxing the hull) after you get back in, Von Schmidt and crew are ready to rock.
 If you see a 33-foot Donzi with Deadline and the Bozka Outdoor Media logo emblazoned on the hull while you’re down that way, that’ll be Aitken and me. We understand the benefits, not the least of which is shared experience garnered from some of the Upper Coast’s most knowledgeable skippers.
One of the many great things about launching out of a facility like this, or especially keeping your boat onsite, is that by the essential nature of the setup you’ll rub elbows with a lot of other folks who make it a point to stay abreast of gamefish opportunities offshore out of Freeport. They tend to be surprisingly willing to share information and tips. There are also going to be more than a few serious tournaments held out of this brand-new location in the months to come (tournament scheduling is currently in progress, and we’ll keep you posted here on
 Again, this is a fishing-focused facility, built for serious sport fishermen by guys who themselves are serious sport fishermen. The Surfside/Freeport area has needed something exactly like this place for quite a while, and now that it’s there I hope you’ll take the time to check it out.
 You can find more details, including boat storage rates (dry stack and wet slip) by logging on to the Web at Or, give Von Schmidt a call at 979-230-9400. He’s a competent, personable and professional guy if ever you’ve met one.
 Surfside Marina is located one-half-mile north of Surfside Beach (827 Gulf Road) on the southwest side of the Surfside Bridge. Turn right on Cobia Drive to Shark Lane as you come off the bridge.
It’s virtually impossible to miss this place, unless the fog is so thick you shouldn’t be on the water anyway.
 And in that case, we’d be talking some serious fog.
 Hope to see you there.

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