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Thank God for Texas Saltwater

Posted by: Larry Bozka on March 18th, 2008

Artist Jack Cowan captured it in his paintings as best as any man could. But with all due respect to Cowan’s legendary talent, there’s still no substitute for the real thing. Nothing even comes close—not to what I’m looking at right now, anyhow. Their blue-fringed tails shimmer brightly in the velvet-soft glow of a blazing [...]

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Prizes Lure State-Fish Art Contestants

Posted by: Larry Bozka on February 12th, 2008

 This just in from Texas Parks & Wildlife Department staffer Larry Hodge: If there is a budding young outdoor artist in your family, here’s a great opportunity to provide said youngster both some solid encouragement and the chance to win some great recognition and prizes. It may be a while before he or she is [...]

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