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The Feisty, Tasty Sand Trout is Well Worth a Cast

Posted by: Larry Bozka on April 13th, 2008

 They run in schools, but they don’t get nearly as large as their speckled cousins. They’re aggressive feeders, prone to feeding binges that will help an angler of any skill level collect a fair-sized freezer bag of fillets in very short order. Like speckled trout, they have onion-skin-thin mouths, and are pretty adept at throwing [...]

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Ceviche Done Right

Posted by: Larry Bozka on September 30th, 2007

 The better things in life invariably require extra effort. Making good ceviche is no exception.  I’ve been on the road more often than not since my last post. The weather has ranged from atrocious to awful in most instances, but finally, we seem to be witnessing a stabilization that will at least hopefully kick redfish, [...]

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