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The Morn After Christmas

Posted by: Larry Bozka on December 22nd, 2011

The Morn After Christmas By Larry Bozka   ‘Twas the morn after Christmas, where out on the lake, Not a creature was stirring, not one fish awake. The reels had been strung full of mono with care, In hopes that a bigmouth would soon leave its lair.   With rubber-soled deck shoes on thick cotton […]

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Nissan’s “Off-Road Experience” Covers Serious Gnu Terrain

Posted by: Larry Bozka on December 8th, 2011

MEDINA RIVER RANCH RESORT, BANDERA, TX – Hang around “serious” off-road enthusiasts long enough and you’ll inevitably concur with the conventional four-wheeler contention that a “stock” vehicle … unaltered, straight off the lot without a single modification … is not a “serious” off-road vehicle. Ditch one more stereotype. After four-wheel exploring this majestically rugged piece […]

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The Relativity of a “Real” Trophy Trout

Posted by: Larry Bozka on July 27th, 2011

  “29-3/4 inches? Please accept my deepest sympathy.” It was an unusual day, and from several perspectives. For one, the week of Thanksgiving, 2005 was unseasonably warm. For another, David Sikes and his friends were fishing in the afternoon. Usually, big-trout trips on Baffin Bay are morning propositions. This day, though, due to rigorous schedule […]

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