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The Morn After Christmas

Posted by: Larry Bozka on December 22nd, 2011

The Morn After Christmas By Larry Bozka   ‘Twas the morn after Christmas, where out on the lake, Not a creature was stirring, not one fish awake. The reels had been strung full of mono with care, In hopes that a bigmouth would soon leave its lair.   With rubber-soled deck shoes on thick cotton [...]

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Nissan’s “Off-Road Experience” Covers Serious Gnu Terrain

Posted by: Larry Bozka on December 8th, 2011

MEDINA RIVER RANCH RESORT, BANDERA, TX – Hang around “serious” off-road enthusiasts long enough and you’ll inevitably concur with the conventional four-wheeler contention that a “stock” vehicle … unaltered, straight off the lot without a single modification … is not a “serious” off-road vehicle. Ditch one more stereotype. After four-wheel exploring this majestically rugged piece [...]

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